Osprey Talon 44 Review

The first real big trip I took this on was a 3-day trip to Havasupi, and it worked out wonderfully.  I loved the weight, the comfort, and the size of the pack.

This pack is an extremely lightweight pack, which is great because you don’t want a good part of your starting weight to be your pack already.  Even though it is lightweight it is fairly durable.  This pack comes in two sizes, s/m or m/l.  The s/m weighs 2lb 6 oz and the m/l weighs 2lb 10 oz.  The main body of the pack is made out of light weight nylons including a stretch woven nylon front and side pockets, these light weight materials keep the weight now to a minimum.  The Frame is made out of a lightweight aluminum and fiberglass composites, which also keeps the weight to a minimum.  With this pack being so lightweight it is not built to carry an exceeding amount of weight, a comfortable amount of weight is about 30 lb, I wouldn’t exceed that.

This pack is extremely comfortable.  This pack features the Osprey AirScape™ back panel to allow airflow in the back.  This is a really key feature in my mind because who wants an overwhelming sweaty back, so this feature helps keep me cooler. The shoulder strap and hip belt are mesh covered and allow for maximum ventilation, they also have just the right amount of padding to keep you comfortable but now add a bunch of weight. This pack when packed right has the prefect center of gravity for me so keeping me balanced well when hiking.

I just love the size of this pack.  It rides fairly low so you wont hit you head on when leaning your head back and it doesn’t interfere with a wide brim hat if you wear one.  This pack is a 44 L or 2600 ci.  I was able to fit all of the gear I needed for our 3 day trip to Havasupi inside easily I am more of a minimalist though.  I fit my 35° mummy bag, 3 days of food, my stove and cook kit, a change of clothes, camp shoes, and my sleeping pad comfortably.  I also had a camelback in the back and some random stuff in the top loader.  Everything was easily accessible I love the big top loader you fit a lot in there that you need access to quickly.  The front and side stretchy pockets are great too, I could easily stick my rain gear in the front so I could have quick access to it, or you could stick a helmet in there too, the side pockets were great for water bottles and other stuff. If you are not so much of a minimalist you might want a bigger size pack with more liters.

Gripes- I really only have a few gripes about this pack. First the medium large could have a large waist belt. At times it can get a little tight for me.  The second gripe is I wish it had an built in rain cover, you can of course buy one to fit if you wanted and it is water restraint but if it is pouring you are surely going to want a rain cover. Recommendations-

Overall I love this pack.  You will love it for its lightweight, how comfortable it is, and it’s just the right size for over nights or minimalists.

Retails for $150, comes in s/m and m/l unisex

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