Give Your Ma Some Chocolate She Has Always Wanted

Give Your Ma Some Chocolate She Has Always Wanted

Mother’s day is approaching quickly.  Have you figured out what you are getting for mom? Well and Clif Bar have teamed up to give your mom Chocolate she won’t get mad at.

To win these Clif Bar chocolate prize packs do the following.

  • In the comment section write why your mom, wife, or mother like figure, deserves this awesome chocolate prize pack
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  • Put this in your facebook status “Give Your Ma Some Chocolate She Has Always Wanted. Win a chocolate themed prize pack from Clif Bar and Visit to Enter”

Do all these Steps before Sunday May 5th 2012

The Contest is limited to United States Residents

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Recently I acquired this new folding Charcoal Chimney.  It is the first of its kind, its very surprising that no one has made a folding chimney before. It fits in a standard 12 inch dutch oven and is very compact in comparison to its counter parts. I am going to go over the features then the experience I’ve had so far.

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I Recently acquired the WindPro II. A long, long time ago I use to have the original WindPro and used it a lot. But more recently I have been using my MSR Pocket Rocket for backpacking trips and my main stove. I had been missing the wider stability and the more control this stove has.

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If you've been hiking you know the pain and suffering that can come from rocks, sand, and stickers getting into your trail shoes; blisters, chafing, and ruined socks are common maladies. However there are a great number of low-to gaiters known as scree gaiters that are designed to block all that stuff and more, keeping your precious feet intact.

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6 thoughts on “Give Your Ma Some Chocolate She Has Always Wanted

  1. My Mum put her life on the line going on night drives with me while I had my preliminary permit, and for that the above-mentioned chocolate would be an excellent tribute to her love and daring.

  2. My Mother has a chocolate fetish…however, having had surgery very recently, she can’t have real chocolate in the rehab center. She will be spending mother’s day there…and these bars would give her the chocolate fix that she needs!

  3. I wish someone would try to win this for me!! 😉 I am a great mom too.. HEHE!

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