Chaco Otis Nurl First Impressions

I was really interested in trying these bad boys out; I heard they were made for people that really liked wearing their z/1 z/2 Chaco sandals as much as possible.  The foot bed is pretty much the same as the sandals.  It has the LUVSEAT™ platform in the boot to allow for easy breaking in, so it is ready for instant adventuring.

Here are all the features this boot has

  • Suede Leather Upper
  • Pigskin lined and a pigskin sock liner
  • Chaco Seam taped to keep the water out
  • Lace up fit
  • Vibram® outsole


When I first put these bad boys on I noticed the high arch support, which is what I love about Chaco.  Another thing I noticed was they were a little narrow for my feet, but soon after wearing them for a few days that was anything to worry about as the stretched out.  The style of these boots is very interesting.  It is a simple retro design, which is kind of a change for me.  I am used to wearing the new crazy modern designs, but it is kind of nice to have this fun change.  These boots are designed to be just casually worn nothing to do anything to crazy in, I totally agree.  There isn’t too much support in the ankle, it loose at the top, which is great for a casual boot.  So far I have really enjoyed these boots, and as I wear them more I will be ready to write a more in-depth review.


Recently I acquired this new folding Charcoal Chimney.  It is the first of its kind, its very surprising that no one has made a folding chimney before. It fits in a standard 12 inch dutch oven and is very compact in comparison to its counter parts. I am going to go over the features then the experience I’ve had so far.

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I Recently acquired the WindPro II. A long, long time ago I use to have the original WindPro and used it a lot. But more recently I have been using my MSR Pocket Rocket for backpacking trips and my main stove. I had been missing the wider stability and the more control this stove has.

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If you've been hiking you know the pain and suffering that can come from rocks, sand, and stickers getting into your trail shoes; blisters, chafing, and ruined socks are common maladies. However there are a great number of low-to gaiters known as scree gaiters that are designed to block all that stuff and more, keeping your precious feet intact.

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