An Evening With Chris Sharma to Save Castle Rock: May 18 at Clif Bar Headquarters

In 1993, Chris went climbing outside for his first time at Castle Rock. Since then, he’s established the hardest boulder problems in the park, helped to put the high-quality tafoni sandstone formations on the map with films like Rampage and moved on to become a climbing superstar who some consider the best of all time. Chris’ start at Castle is inspiration to many Bay Area climbers, and his long time affiliation with the park has had far reaching impact. Today, Castle Rock attracts an international climbing audience, largely because of Sharma’s influence. So when he heard that Castle Rock may soon be closed to climbing and the general public, Chris immediately jumped at the opportunity to help with the access efforts–pledging to travel all the way from his current home in Spain to make a few special presentations for the cause. We hope to see you there. All proceeds from the event will go towards the efforts to keep Castle Rock State Park Open

Chris will present slides and footage from his climbing career, talk about what inspires him and answer audience questions.  This will be an evening to remember!

Tickets are available at:

If you are in the Bay Area during these dates I would totally recommend going to this event.
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Recently I acquired this new folding Charcoal Chimney.  It is the first of its kind, its very surprising that no one has made a folding chimney before. It fits in a standard 12 inch dutch oven and is very compact in comparison to its counter parts. I am going to go over the features then the experience I’ve had so far.

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I Recently acquired the WindPro II. A long, long time ago I use to have the original WindPro and used it a lot. But more recently I have been using my MSR Pocket Rocket for backpacking trips and my main stove. I had been missing the wider stability and the more control this stove has.

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If you've been hiking you know the pain and suffering that can come from rocks, sand, and stickers getting into your trail shoes; blisters, chafing, and ruined socks are common maladies. However there are a great number of low-to gaiters known as scree gaiters that are designed to block all that stuff and more, keeping your precious feet intact.

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