Gear Trader: local way to buy/sell your gear

I recently found this totally awesome site for selling/buying pre-owned outdoor gear called Geartrader.com. Wanting to learn more about the site, I emailed the website manager and voila his reply:

“Essentially we provide a platform for people to sell their outdoor gear and buy new and used outdoor gear.  It’s a marketplace for outdoor gear.

This is how it works if you want to sell some gear.
1. Take a few photos of your gear
2. Goto www.geartrade.com/sell
3. Upload the photos and complete the listing process
4. When your item sells we send you an email with shipping instructions.

Once you ship the item and enter a tracking number we mail you a check in 9 days. We handle all the customer service and payment processing so you don’t have to pay paypal fees or processing fees. We also do not charge image or listing fees like ebay. We charge a flat rate of 12% only after the item is sold.  If you don’t sell your gear, we do not charge you.”

Sounds like a good system?  Best part?  Made in the USA, that’s right Geartrader.com is operated right here in the USA so we support the local economy all while buying and selling gear.  Love that.

Click here to check them out. Geartrader.com  Best part two?  To set up an account is free.  Can’t beat that.  We love good deals and to pass them to onto you.  So we even gave them a little space on our site.  Happy Gear Trading!

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Keen Tryon WP Shoes First Impressions

I have been interested in finding a light hiker/trail runner that was waterproof and came across these.  I wanted to see how they preformed so I asked for a pair for my female reviewer and me.  First I’ll go over some of the key features then I’ll go over my experiences.


  • Abrasion resistant and breathable mesh upper
  • KEEN.DRY™ waterproof breathable membrane
  • KEEN.Zorb Strobel
  • Removable metatomical dual density EVA footbed
  • S3 Heel support structure
  • Stone bruising protection plate guards feet against rocks on trails
  • Torsion stability TPU shank
  • TPU heel stabilizer

I have been using these for about two weeks so far and I have really enjoyed them.  Like I said earlier I was looking for a super light hiker/trail runner that was waterproof, and these have done really well.  One of my first excursions taking these in the wild was trail running in a small canyon here in Utah Valley.  Rock canyon was covered in snow the time that I had decided to go, and these shoes held up well, my feet were dry and warm the whole time.  Running in snow can be pretty crazy, but the support in these shoes made it work out fine.

I took these backpacking last weekend.  They preformed pretty well.  They gave a good amount of support for a overnight backpacking trip.  If I had a much heaver pack I would want some more ankle support with a higher cut.  I went up to Rock Canyon again.  There were a few streams to cross and lots of snow.  The waterproofing upheld well for super shallow crossings.  If the water had been much deeper it the water would run in to the top for sure.

I have also run with these on the streets and on the treadmill.  They have preformed really well, and the shock absorbing structure is great.  I am a fairly big guy so when I come down fast and hard I really need some good shock absorption and these have just held up really nice.

These have a real nice stylish modern design.  My female reviews first thoughts when she saw these were wow these are so cute and yet functional.  The laces are asymmetrical which is kind of different but I dig.  They come in a lot of different colors and also come in women specific styles.

Here are Kamilynn Fletchers thoughts on the women’s pair

First a confession:

I love high heels.  I love ridiculously-tall-incredibly-uncomfortable-sexy-beautiful heels.  I even have scars on my feet from blisters so bad they were literally pooling blood in my shoes.

Crazy, I know.
Two weeks ago I put on my first pair of Keen shoes, specifically Tryon WPs.

I haven’t taken them off since.

Gone is ridiculously tall – I’m now average height with a non-marking rubber outsole that adds less than an inch.  They have a stone bruising protection plate to guard my feet against the popcorn kernels I spilled in the kitchen or the gravel under the bridge at 400 South I cross on my way to work.

Done is incredibly uncomfortable – I’m now moving freely at the beginning, middle, and end of my day.  I’m not only NOT limping when I get home; I throw on sweat pants and go running.  With the S3 Heel support structure of shock, suspension, and stability, not only are my odds of twisting an ankle reduced, they’re just so comfortable I’m tempted to pair them with skirts on Sunday.

Continued is sexy-beautiful – I’m still rocking my colorful style with the sea blue and neutral gray breathable waterproof top mesh.  I love that they’re sporty but not overly masculine.

I’m excited as the weather continues to warm up to take my affectionately termed “magic shoes” further off road and see how they fare.  I’m looking forward to my first summer without massive amounts of Moleskin and stained socks wearing my Keen Tryon WP shoes!

Here is a gallery of some more images of the shoes and the kind of terrain I was hiking through.

Click here 

Purchase these shoes at currently $120.00 rei.com or $83.97 backcountry.com and the woman’s at $84.95 sierratradingpost.com 

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