Family Camping: Where to start when camping with kids: 5 easy tips

Family camping can be a daunting task. Have no fear readaboutgear.com will give tips, tricks, and advice.

Where to start when camping with kids:

Tip #1 Make a check list of necessities for children ie baby bottle, pacifier, favorite blanket/animal, pjs, piggyback rider, diapers, wipes, sanitizer, blanket to swaddle child to sleep, etc.

Tip #2 While packing, ask older children to help pack younger sibling’s items.

Tip #3 While packing, explain where you are going camping, how long it will take to get there, how long you’ll stay, where you’ll need help (Kids love to help!), meals you’ll cook together, and potential hikes or trails you may do together.  Kids love helping, and they’ll get excited to share in the responsibilities of cooking and potential hikes or trails you’ll enjoy together.  Preparing the kids for what will occur on the trip is just as good as being on the trip.

Tip #4 Ask the kids some of their favorite games, so you can play them on the way to your camping destination.  If they don’t have any favorite games, let me suggest a few: the gratitude game, the letter game, the numbers game, 20 questions, I spy, I love game, slug bug game.  Are you familiar with these games?  If not, they’re easy to play: “The gratitude game” is each person in the car says “I am grateful for (then fills in the blank), and each person in the car has a turn to fill in the blank.  “The letter game” is finding all of the letters of the alphabet on the road, license plates, billboards, signs, etc. starting from A to Z in sequential order until you hit Z and when one person sees the letter, he/she calls the letter out and the location.  “The numbers game” is finding numbers starting with 0-100 and when one person sees the number, he/she calls the number out and the location.

Tip #5 Bring snacks and water for the car and for the actual camping trip.
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